About Us

Bollytech is on a mission to equip iGaming operators of all sizes with the tools they need to operate successfully in the Indian market and globally. Our team is a rich blend of super experienced iGaming professionals – combining over a decade spent in the industry – and technical masterminds that underpin our innovative technology-driven business.

We are here to guide and support you, as a partner, right from the off. We value client relationships and wish to share success by servicing your requirements. We want to help you realise our own vision for your products. Come join our growing family today!

Our Partners

Bollytech is proud to have partnered with the industry’s most distinctive names across games software providers and payment solutions. Share our platform for success and add your name to this growing list.

Our Services

Server and Hardware Management

Bollytech knows that building trusted customer service is key. That’s why our system management services provide the ideal solution to track and manage all your hardware. Our team has experience in many areas including systems administration, database administration, networking, and security. Proprietary, open-source and in-house monitoring software gives an instant overview of what’s happening at any of our client’s sites.

Bollytech’s operations team is quick to identify an anomaly in the system, and they can investigate and deal with showstopper issues and blockers. In such cases, our team will be available during non-working hours, weekends and public holidays.